Privacy Officer Toolkit Workshop

What is it?

A practical, how-to workshop for Privacy Officers.

Being a Privacy Officer can be a big job, especially these days.  Privacy is a hot consumer topic, and more than ever is equated to trust – if you get privacy wrong, it can take a long time and a lot of work to try and regain the trust (and business) of your customers.

The compliance landscape is changing too - NZ’s Privacy Act is getting a refresh, and will amongst other things introduce mandatory data breach reporting and increase the Privacy Commissioner’s compliance and enforcement powers.   

Globally, the trend is towards even greater consumer privacy rights, with the GDPR a key example which impacted many NZ businesses.  On top of all of this, technology is constantly introducing new privacy challenges for Privacy Officers to manage, from digital advertising and chatbots to facial recognition and AI.

This workshop will provide Privacy Officers with useful and practical advice to assist them with common Privacy Officer responsibilities such as staff training, access requests, privacy impact assessments, data breach response management and dealing with complaints. Presented in an interactive, workshop setting, this workshop will enable Privacy Officers to help their organisations to ‘do privacy right’. 

Who is it for?

The workshop is aimed at those who have recently become Privacy Officers, as well as those who might have been doing it for a while but feel the need to brush up on their skills.

Who is presenting?

The workshop will be presented by Emma Pond of Simply Privacy.  Emma has over 15 years of practical privacy experience, and works hard to provide pragmatic and useful privacy advice to her clients - and her client’s Privacy Officers.  

How much is it?

$425 per person + GST

When is it and how do I register?

Auckland - At Chancery Chambers, 2/8 Chancery St

Thursday 5 September, 9am - 12.30pm - FULL

Wednesday 13 November, 9am - 12.30pm - register here:

I have more questions – who do I ask?

Please contact Emma Pond at if you have any questions about these workshops, or want to discuss other training options (including providing this workshop in-house).