Privacy Officer Toolkit Workshop

Being a Privacy Officer is an important job, especially these days. Privacy is a hot consumer topic – if you get privacy wrong, it can take a long time and a lot of work to try and regain the trust (and business) of your customers.

The Privacy Act 2020 introduced mandatory reporting for serious privacy breaches, new obligations around transferring personal information to other countries, and gives the Privacy Commissioner increased compliance and enforcement powers.

Globally, the trend is towards even greater consumer privacy rights, with privacy laws such as the GDPR impacting many NZ businesses. On top of all of this, technology is constantly introducing new privacy challenges for Privacy Officers to manage.

Presented in an interactive, workshop setting, this workshop will provide new Privacy Officers with useful and practical advice to assist them with common Privacy Officer responsibilities such as developing a privacy programme, staff training, access requests, privacy impact assessments, and privacy breach response.


The workshop is an introductory course, aimed at new Privacy Officers.


Information was relevant and content about right for all levels of understanding in the room. Particularly liked the no fuss presentation and the pace.

Relaxed style, small diverse group enabling questions.

Very friendly and at a great level – specific without being overwhelming.

Although it was an online training session it was very interactive. Everyone seemed to be willing to share their views.


The workshop will be presented by Emma Pond of Simply Privacy. Emma has 18+ years of practical privacy experience, and works hard to provide pragmatic and useful privacy advice to her clients – and her client’s Privacy Officers.

Covid 19 Information

If an in person event is unable to go ahead for Covid 19 related reasons then the event will be moved on line.

I have more questions – who do I ask?

Please contact Emma Pond at if you have any questions about these workshops, or want to discuss other training options (including providing training in-house).