Simply Privacy Ltd, a registered company, provides practical privacy solutions to business and government - big or small. We believe in a holistic approach to privacy practice. We work with agencies to ensure that privacy solutions fit with their business needs and wider strategies and goals.

We're not privacy zealots. We understand the need for agencies to operate effectively and efficiently. The Privacy Act reflects this too and we're experts in making sure that the law is interpreted accurately and pragmatically.  

We believe that privacy advice should be practical, plain English and clear. This ensures it can be understood, applied competently and achieves significant results. We've learned first hand - from a combined 20 years of privacy knowledge and experience - that this is the best way to achieve results and to meaningfully help our clients succeed.

We have a physical presence in both Auckland and Wellington but are available to consult throughout the country.   


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Mike Flahive
Director (Wellington)

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Daimhin Warner
Director (Auckland)

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Emma Pond
Director (Auckland)

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Kathy Longson
Consultant (Wellington)

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Jean McGeorge
Consultant (Auckland)

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We're great at providing pragmatic advice and helping agencies work out what they need but we recognise that we need to collaborate with other specialists from time to time. We're the privacy geeks, but we work with other trusted geeks to provide complementary services, whether that's implementing online privacy solutions or ensuring strong technical security controls are in place. 


Our UX guys

Numeral Studio specialises in User Experience development and design. They GET privacy and they know that good privacy and good UX go together.


Our security guys

SafeStack helps organisations big and small keep their data, systems and people safe whilst building innovative products to save small security teams time and resources.